Friday, 30 March 2012

Unreal results – Seeing is Believing

Congratulations Mighty Jonathan!

Jonathan Erskine-Nartey has been training with me for 4 months, 4 times a week in the morning and his determination has paid off big time. With a lot of dedication, we managed to get Jonathan from an average guy with dreams of a flat tummy into a serious Male Fitness Model. He will be contesting on “Miami Pro Fitness Modeling & Bodybuilding competition events on the 1st of April 2012 (No, it’s not an April’s fools joke) at Alban Arena, HERTS as well as the Miami Pro European Championships 2012 on 2nd & 3rd June 2012 at ExCEL, LONDON

Update: Won 3 medals, Miami Pro 2012 Mr. Personality Champion & Physique Of The Week Live! 2013 Fitness Personality of The Day Winner! Congrats.

So how did we do it? Jonathan, like many other guys, always dreamed of a nice physique, strong and toned body with a 6 pack that can show in HD. He didn’t just hope for such a physique, he actively tried a lot of stuff – purchasing lots of Fitness books & accessories, reading and following a huge amount of information / advice from the Internet, the guys next to him at the gym as well as fitness professionals, taking lots of notes as well as spending a lot of time thinking and planning all on paper. Not only he tried hard, he tried for over 6 months with little results.

We had to remove a lot of bad advice that’s been leading him in circles for over 6 months.
  1. The 1st stage was to improve Jonathan’s Posture, Muscular Endurance, Basic Strength, Cardio-Vascular functions and tweak Jonathan’s nutrition in a way that didn’t force him to give up the things he liked.
  2. The 2nd stage focused on building some muscle mass (bodybuilding) while cranking up the fat loss by employing a strategic cardio plan timed with fasted training and supported with specific supplementation.
  3. The 3rd stage consisted of weird and wonderful forms of strength training to allow us to build true muscle tone in the fastest way we could. We also tweaked the nutrition further to prevent the recovery of muscle glycogen. This would mean the muscle becomes flat and the skin shrinks down to accommodate the new muscle size.
  4. For the last stage we reintroduced John to high rep bodybuilding routines with the aid of creatine to help regenerate the glycogen in the muscle tissue and blow it back into its previous size (and bigger) while the skin is wrapped tight against the full sized muscle. This is a method sometimes used in Hollywood as it can provide results that last for a whole summer of filming if necessary.
The idea wasn’t to get john into a big bodybuilder frame (something that can take longer), but rather to create a highly toned (firm) body, with tight skin and low body-fat percentage – a look which is quite maintainable.

As for the abs? Well… let’s just say Jonathan hasn’t done a single crunch or sit up :)

You can contact Jonathan on Facebook or Twitter!

Well done again mate and I hope you are proud of your hard efforts and fantastic results. I know I am.


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